Who we are:

Deano’s Pet Food is a family of Pet Lovers, always have been and always will be. To us, our pets are a huge part of our family, and they deserve the best. We have had Five Irish Wolfhounds plus a Rescue Springer Spaniel over the years, Rescue Cat’s, African Grey Parrots, Marine Corals & Fish as well as a Bearded Dragon and a Chamelion.

We live in Baildon, which is just a stones throw away from some lovely moorland. We currently have two  young Irish Wolfhounds: Vanda, who is (born April 2016) and Sid (born  Apri; 2017).  They are delightful hounds, full or character and a huge part of our family.  Sid is actually Vandas Uncle!

We also have Samantha – a rescue cat that we have had for 12 years now.  Samantha just loves cuddles, and as most cats do, she’s in and out of the house as she pleases. As soon as she comes in, she wants attention, and of course, feeding.

To us, animals are as much a part of the family as anyone else, and we interact a lot with them, making sure that they are at the centre of most things we do. Their love is, unlike some humans, unconditional, and they are totally reliant on us.  As their keepers & Guardians we want to make sure that they stay happy and healthy.  Hopefully having a long enjoyable life, in a comfortable safe and loving environment

What We Wanted:

  • To work with Pet Nutritionalists and professionals in order  to develop our own label, High Quality, Reasonably Priced Pet Food that gave Pets the very best in both Nutritional Requirements and Taste, with NO fillers or artificial additives.  Keeping things natural
  • To continually develop our Pet Food ranges using only Natural ingredients, suitable for all life stages.

What we found:

  • Dried food was packed with fillers, had only minimal nutritional value, contained only a low meat or fish content, hardly any of which was fresh, mainly using rendered meat and fish by-products not fit for human consumption.
  • Many of the pet foods we have tried over the years caused problems of varying degrees, poor skin and coat condition, poor cognitive development. Didn’t cater for Dogs and Cats that had sensitive tummies, or allergies. The few half decent brands we found, weren’t particularly palatable or appetising to our pets – so, it was a real trial to get them to eat it, without adding other tasty morsels in with it.
  • Pet food products that stated it was high in Meat or Fish content, actually only had around 20%.  Even then it was rendered, not fresh. We supplemented our pets diets with Fresh Meat & Fish in an attempt to give them what they needed.

What we did about it:

  • We eventually found a producer that has one of the most technically advanced extrusion plants in the World, making the finest premium dry pet food available today. Catering for all life stages of your Pets and working with us, to develop our own label Premium, Balanced, Complete & Natural Vet Approved recipes.
  • We are delighted to bring to you and your pets, what we believe to be the best on the market, at a great price.  Providing your beloved pets with a healthy, nutritious, palatable and easily digested diet.

We are delighted to offer the solution: Deano’s Pet Food

  • Grain Free: Particularly for (but Great for any) those with grain intolerances/sensitivities.  Vet Approved Formula.  Minimum 50% Meat (Rich in Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids) Minimum of 26% Freshly prepared meat (A natural, traditionally sourced and highly digestible protein source), Added Omega 3 Supplemets and absolutely NO Artificial Colours or Preservatives.
  • Super Premium: Hypo-Allergenic (Formulated without Wheat or Wheat Gluten). The very best nutrition for all dog and cat breeds – however sensitive they may be. Contains basically the same ingredients as our Grain Free Range, but, without the Fresh Meat Content (Still has 26+% meat)

We ensure that when we say our food has a High Meat or Fish content, it actually does.  Typically up to 55%! of which a high percentage is FRESH, locally and traditionally sourced. With full traceability, and  above all is Human Grade quality.

Deano’s Complete Pet food is Vet approved.  Every stage of its production is monitored and quality tested, to meet the highest standards. All of the ingredients are as fresh as possible, including power vegetables such as Sweet Potato and Asparagus. The extrusion processing ensures that the vital vitamins and minerals, Amino Acids, Proteins, Carbohydrates and Trace Elements are preserved. And its 100% British, produced in Lancashire.

Our pets, Vanda , Sid and Samantha (pictured on our Pet Food Labels LOVE Deano’s, and we think your Pets will love it too. We would love for you to try our food, and let us know what you (and your pets) think.