Useful Information About Deano’s Pet Food


We have tried to list the most frequently asked questions here, for easy reference. However, if you have any further questions at all about Deano’s Pet Food & Accessories, then please use our “contact us” form , or simply e-mail / telephone us, and we will do our best to answer your query as quickly as possible, and also post the question here for other people’s reference.

Whats the best way to change my dog or cat onto another brand – grain free for example?


When changing to a different brand of pet food, it is important to do it gradually. Here’s how we suggest to switch your Dog or Cat from their usual to Deano’s:
1. Day 1 – Mix 25% of Deano’s with 75% of their regular food. Feed this for a couple of days.


2. Day 3 – Mix 40% of Deano’s with 60% of their regular food. Feed this for a couple of days


3. Day 5 – Give your pet half Deano’s and half of their regular food mixed together. Feed this for a couple of days


4. Day 7 – Mix 75% of Deano’s with 25% of their regular food. Feed this for a couple of days


5. Day 9 – Feed your pet with 100% Deano’s. It’s as simple as that, and usually works just fine


Switching to Deano’s will delight your Pet, and pretty soon, you will start to notice a difference.

My Dog isn’t a working Dog – what is the difference between “non working dog” food and “working Dog Food”?

There are two main differences between Working Dog and Non working Dog food.

There is NO VAT charged on working Dog food (in the UK) – so, that’s an immediate 20% cash saving! Making the food go even further.

Working Dog food, contains a slightly higher protein content than non working dog food – but for any dog who is mildly active, this will not at all present a problem. You MAY consider feeding slightly less than the feeding guide suggests – which again, will make the food last longer too.

Deano’s 15kg Working Dog food is great for any dog, is extremely nutritious and healthy, and because we don’t use any cereal or other “fillers” in our food, it keeps your dogs fuller, for longer.

Why do you sell only 15kg bags of dog food? Can I get smaller bags?

You can get smaller bags from us, BUT, because of the Working Dog VAT rules, smaller bags than this are subject to normal VAT – so, they are 20% more expensive. For example, a 12kg bag will work out almost the same price as a 15kg bag – so, there is little point really. However, if you do want smaller packs, despite the savings – please contact us, and we will give you a price.

My dog/Cat has runny stools – can Deano’s help with that?

Absolutely…. It’s a nightmare when this happens, and isn’t good for your Pet, or the Owner. We find that many of our customers tell us that since feeding Deano’s to their pets, their stools are firmer and also smaller. This is due to the high quality of the ingredients we use, the fact that we don’t use cereals or cheap fillers, and that many of our formulas are hypoallergenic. Wheat & Gluten account for a lot of digestive problems in pets, and also excessive itching. Switching to Deano’s will help with these issues greatly.

If I order 2 x 15 kg Bags of Deano's Grain Free Dog Food, do I have to 2 of the same flavour”?

Not at all.  However, there are so many combinations, it would be impossible to list them all, so, if you would like 2 different flavours and still get the multi buy discount, simply do the following:

  • If both flavours are in the same price bracket – order 2 bags of the one flavour, and then write what other flavour you would like in the comment box when you check out. We will send you the two flavours and confirm it with you on your order completion email.
  • If one flavour is in a different price range, the higher price will apply.  Select the higher price flavour, and note which two flavours you would like in the comment field prior to checkout.  We will confirm your flavours in your order completion e-mail.
Why is Grooming Important for my pet?
You might think grooming your pets is just to keep them looking good. But it’s also about maintaining your pet’s physical health.Grooming helps to remove dead hair, dirt, tangles and dandruff. While you brush, the natural oils spread through your pet’s fur, leaving the coat with a healthy sheen.
How often should I bathe my Dog?
You can bathe your dog from 2 months of age. We recommend to bathe up to once a month as necessary.If your dogs smell bad, if they scratch a lot, if their coat is dirty, dull or dusty, don’t hesitate to bathe them.
How often should I bathe my Cat?
As cats groom themselves quite thoroughly every day, frequent bathing is not always necessary. But if their coat is dirty, dull, dusty or if your cat smells bad, don’t hesitate to bathe them.Obese or long hair cats might also need to be bathed more often as their self-grooming may not be as complete and thorough
How can I pay for my Deano's pet food products ?

We try to make it as easy as possible for all customers, and offer as many payment options as possible.  From 13th January 2018, it is illegal for retailers to charge you an additional fee for using credit/debit cards.  HOWEVER, the credit / Debit card companies STILL charge us for each and every transaction.

Here is the list of payment options for you, Our preferred method of payment being at the top of the least and our least preferred (most expensive to us) is at the bottom of the list.  However, of course, its your choice

    • BACS transfer.  Your payment from your bank usually arrives in our account as cleared funds within 2 hours, therefore, there is no significant delay in despatching your products
    • Debit Card.
    • Credit Card.
    • PayPal.

Please note – whatever payment option you choose, is absolutely secure and encrypted.  We NEVER see your bank account, credit. debit card details, ever

We, of course accept cash for local pick up from ourselves