Sea Treats

We are delighted to stock the AMAZING “Sea Treats” Cat & Dog Treats



Sea Treats, are premium quality, highly nutritious fish-based treats for your much loved pets, using fish ingredients sourced and manufactured exclusively in the UK, and with traceability and sustainability at the top of our priorities.


All of the Sea Treats vat & dog treats we stock have been fully taste tested by the Chief tasters here Deano’s Pet Food – Our Two Wonderful Irish Wolfhounds  (Vanda & Sid) and also our beautiful cat :Sammy)


If anything is ever rejected by the Deano’s taste Testers – we simply don’t sell them.

You can be assured that the Sea Treats range:

  • are fully compliant with the International Standards Organisation (ISO) traceability standards, which ensures full traceability of our products throughout the supply chain
  • are made from the fresh daily sourced fresh fish. All ingredients, and the treat itself is fully traceable down to the date and time of manufacture and the quality records for the processing, right back to the raw materials used.
  • All fish are sourced from suppliers who have full traceability of our raw materials, right back to the vessel the fish came from!
  • are guaranteed to be sourced exclusively from MSC certified sustainable fisheries. You can feed your pet premium quality, natural fish-based treats they will love, safe in the knowledge that the fish has come from an independently verified sustainable source.



The finished products are indeed a High Quality, premium pet treat made with 100% natural human grade raw ingredients. The fish is air dried to retain the maximum high levels of nutrients naturally found in fresh fish.

Sea Treats Cat & Dog Treats are:
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Grain Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten & Wheat Free
  • Amazing for any pet, and specifically for those with sensitive stomachs
  • Rich in Omega 3 & 6



The main real advantage to fish in your pets diet is that it can impart many good nutrients and healthy properties without the increased risk of weight gain or protein overload which could cause your pets internal organs to have to work harder to process the food.


Omega 3 essential fatty acid contains amazing properties and health benefits, and yet it doesn’t occur naturally in cells of our canine friends! However, you can simply introduces them by feeding them with these tasty Sea Treats for Cats & Dogs.


Omega 3 oils can support heart health, vision, joint health, skin and coat health as well as a healthy and balanced immune system.

Look at some of the fantastic Sea Treats Cat & Dog treats benefits:
  • Low Fat
  • Easily Digested
  • Can improve bad breath & help control dental hygeine by effectively removing tartar
  • Supports Cognitive function
  • High in Iron, Calcium and Vitamin B6
  • Organic Seaweed is a great suite of essential minerals
  • Excellent for maintaining a healthy Skin and Coat
  • Essential Omega oils are great for soothing dry and irritable skin
  • Effective in aiding your pets hint mobility


The Sea Treats Cat & Dog treats are  super tasty, super crunchy and super healthy…… give them a try, we think your pets will love you for it ( and live a healthier life! )

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