Deano's Super Premium - Senior

Why choose Deano’s Super Premium – Senior Dog Food?


Here at Deano’s Pet Food, we know what we are talking about when it comes to pet health.


We work alongside some of the leading pet nutritionalists and employ the latest technological processes to ensure the maximum amount of nutrients are maintained in the finished kibble.


Deano’s Super Premium – Senior / Light dog food is a nutritious, tasty diet for the older dog. Can also be used as a light alternative for dogs requiring a weight loss programme. With added L-carnitine to promote conversion of fat to muscle.


Dogs in their senior years, or those with weight issues can develop joint problems, we help to combat that by adding glucosamine, MSM and chondroitin to support joint health and mobility


This formulation has 15% LESS FAT than our standard recipes, to help control or maintain weight in the older or overweight dog.  It still has the same super tasty premium quality raw ingredients all of our other formulas have.


Our Deano’s Super Premium – Senior is 100% NATURAL & HYPO-ALLERGENIC, which contains No Wheat or Wheat Gluten – making it easily digestible and safe for even the most sensitive tummies.  Our Super premium Lamb & Rice has been formulated with leading Pet Nutritionalists and approved by vets. 


Not only does this premium dog food recipe taste delicious, its also packed with high quality ingredients, vitamins, minerals & Amino Acids, vital for your dogs health. So, you can rest assured that all dietary needs are being taken care of.


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