Cups and Mugs

Deano’s Personalised Cups and Mugs


All of our Cups and Mugs are created by hand, individually here at Deano’s Pet Food.  We do not mass produce, nor do we source them from external companies.  We can therefore assure you that each unique cup or mug is made with love and crafted just for you.


All of our cups and mugs are made of high quality porcelain or china.

The cups and mugs below are simply mugs that we have already produced and will continue to produce – They are ALL able to be personalised to you and your pet


We can print any pictures, photographs and text that you like (as long as you own the images and pictures – We are not licensed to print branded images)

Be creative, and create your very own mug:
Simply send us:
  • the image(s) you would like to be printed onto the cup or mug
  • any text you would like on the mug


Let us know if:
  • you want a particular colour text ( or a combination of colours )
  • a particular font style or size


We will then get to work on your design and email you a couple of proofs before we go to print.  Once your happy, we will print your mug and pop it into a box and despatch them to you.


Our cups and mugs CAN go into the dishwasher, but, we would aleways reccommend to hand wash them, as eventually, the dishwasher detergents and long cycles may fade the print


We can send your finished boxed cup or mug directly to the recipient if it is a present, or to yourself.


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