Frontline Cat Flea & Tick Treatment

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Step By Step Guide to Flea and Tick Control for Cats – Using Frontline Spot On

PROTECT against Fleas and Ticks in Two Easy Steps:

  1. Use Frontline Spot On monthly to kill fleas and ticks and to provide continuous protection throughout the year.
  2. Make sure ALL Cats and Dogs in the household are treated.



FLEAS – There is currently NO flea product that can stop fleas jumping onto pets.  It is normal to see a few fleas on the pet after treatment as new fleas continue to hatch out from an infested environment.  These fleas will be killed within 24 hours of jumping onto the treated pet.

TICKS – Frontline Spot On DOES NOT stop ticks attaching but kills them within 48 hours, helping to minimise the risk of tick borne disease transmission.



GET RID of a Flea Infestation using Frontline.

  1. Treat ALL Dogs and Cats with Frontline Spot on monthly for a minimum of Three consecutive months to kill fleas. Then apply every month throughout the year for flea and tick control.
  2. Regularly vacuum carpets and furnishings and wash your pets bedding at 60°C.  This will help reduce the number of eggs, larvae and pupae in the environment.
  3. Use Frontline HomeGuard household spray which contains an Insect Growth Regulator.  This kills adult Fleas and Larvae and prevents Eggs from hatching.  Remember to spray all areas where the pet goes.  Larvae and Pupae like dark areas so spray underneath furniture and into the cracks in flooring.  THERE ARE NO CHEMICAL PRODUCTS THAT KILL FLEA PUPAE.
  4. Allow treated pets access to all areas within the home to encourage fleas to hatch out of their pupae and jump onto the pet.  Once on the treated pet, they will be killed within 24-48 hours


REMEMBER – It may take three months or more to get rid of a flea infestation, as it can take this long for all pupae to hatch out.


The Recommended Treatment Frequency for Cats is:

For Continuous FLEA AND TICK protection, apply Frontline Spot On every 4 weeks.

For FLEA PROTECTION ONLY, apply Frontline Spot On every 5 weeks.


Why use Frontline Spot On?

  • Kills fleas within 24 hours of contact with the treated pet and prevents re-infestation – (Helps protect your pet from fleas)
  • Kills Ticks within 48 hours of contact with the treated pet and prevents re-infestation – Helps prevent ticks from transmitting diseases


Before Using Frontline Spot On Flea & Tick Treatment – Please remember the following:
  • The Cat or Dog needs to be at least 8 weeks old
  • A Cat needs to weigh at least 1kg and a Dog needs to weigh at least 2kg
  • Your pet shouldn’t be showing any signs of lesions or generally being unwell – if so, see your vet before commencing treatment
  • Make sure you select the correct dosage according to your pets weight

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