Ancol Ergo Medium Comb


  • An effective grooming tool
  • Specifically designed to remove dead hair
  • Promote a glossy and healthy looking coat
  • The ergonomic handle gives comfort whilst grooming
  • Retractable pins make the brush easy to clean


The Ancol Dog Comb is ideal for long, wiry, silky, and curly coats.


This Ancol medium dog comb can be used slowly and gently to locate and ease out tangles.


Once the coat has been detangled, it can be used to smooth the coat while removing loose hair.


The long stainless steel teeth are rounded at the ends to prevent discomfort and be gentle on your dog’s skin.


This Ancol dog comb has an ergonomic handle for comfort and effective use, and makes the task in hand a breeze.


Grooming your pet helps maintain a smooth and glossy coat and is an important way of bonding with them.

The Ancol dog comb is just one of the great Grooming products in the Ergo range


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