Ancol Ergo Pin Brush


  • Ideal for curly, short, wiry, long and silky coat types
  • The ancol ergo pin brush is a great piece of equipment for all groomers
  • The ancol ergo pin brush has round polished pins for safety
  • A metal pinned brush for dogs from ancol’s ergo grooming range
  • The ergo dog brushes have been moulded with ergonomic handles for both comfort and effective use


The Ancol Ergo Pin Brush is ideal for long, wiry, and curly coats, as the long pins penetrate the coat gently easing tangles and removing loose fur


The Ancol Ergo Pin Brush has stainless steel pins that have rounded ends to ensure your pet is comfortable as you groom them.


This brush has an ergonomic handle for comfort and effective use.


Grooming your pet helps maintain a smooth and glossy coat and is an important way of bonding with them.


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