Ancol Reflective Gloss Safety Cat Collar – Blue


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  • Made from a soft, glossy material
  • Can be made to fit exactly as there are no holes to clip though
  • Beautifully crafted from quality materials
  • Reflective to allow your cat to be noticed at night
  • Safety Break Away Collar





Ancol Blue Glossy Safety Cat Collar with break away buckle.

The Ancol Gloss Reflective Cat Collar features a smooth and glossy colour and texture that is reflective.
Your cat is safer and more visible when prowling the streets at night due to the reflective material.

All Ancol cat collars come with safety features as standard: This collar

  • Features a break-away buckle to allow your cat an easy escape if they get caught whilst climbing.
  • Has a warning bell to help protect wildlife.
  • Reflective material to make sure your cat is visible at night time



When fitting your cat’s collar, ensure that you can get two fingers between your cat and the collar for safety and comfort.
Please remove the collar when using liquid flea treatments to prevent reactions between the treatment and the materials of the collar.

Additional information

Help save Wildlife

All Ancol cat collars come with a warning bell to help protect wildlife. The RSPB estimate that UK domestic cats are responsible for 275 million kills each year. 55 million of these kills are birds.

If domesticat cats wear a collar with a bell, it is estimated that they ill catch 41% fewer birds and 34% fewer mammals.

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