Dog Acrylic Glitter Keyring


  • ALL Proceeds go to Guide Dogs UK if you Select a Golden retriever, German Shepherd or Labrador
  • Most Breeds available – if you don’t see what you’re looking for – message us
  • Different sparkle colours to choose from
  • Lightweight and extremely strong
  • Makes a delightful and inexpensive gift for any dog lover
  • Ears and Tails styles can be changed – message us if you want this
  • Outstanding clarity
  • High gloss surface
  • Made in The UK
  1. Choose the glitter colour you want
  2. Choose the breed you want (The image sillouette will appear to illustrate the breed style you have chosen) 



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Any Breed of Dog – Acrylic Glitter Keyring

If you don’t see the breed you are after, please message us, as it is likely we can get what you are looking for

Fabulous colours to choose from

The silhouettes are true representations of the finished products

These delightful fun and funky Dog Acrylic Glitter Keyring make great presents for any pet lover.

The glitter is sealed within the acrylic making it permanent glitter effect with no irritating bits of glitter falling off everywhere!

The 3mm thick solid acrylic keyring is:

Hard wearing
water resistant
10 x stronger than glass
laser cut and polished with no sharp edges

Approximately  6.5cm (65mm) wide.

Additional information


Silver Glitter, Black Glitter, Red Glitter, Purple Glitter, Holographic Silver Glitter, Green Glitter, Gold Glitter, Pink Glitter, Dark Pink Glitter, Blue Glitter


Affenpinscher Style 1, Affenpinscher Style 2, Affenpinscher Style 3, American Bulldog, American Eskimo, Bearded Collie, Bichon Frise Style 1, Bichon Frise Style 2, Boston Terrier Style 1, Boston Terrier Style 2, Boston Terrier Style 3, Brussels Griffon Style 1, Brussels Griffon Style 2, Bull Dog Style 1, Bull Dog Style 2, Bull Dog Style 3, Bull Dog Style 4, Bull Terrier Style 1, Cavalier Style 1, Cavalier King Charles, Cavalier King Spaniel, Chihuahua Style 1, Chihuahua Style 2, Chihuahua Style 3, Chihuahua Style 4, Chihuahua Style 5, Chihuahua Style 6, Chihuahua Style 7, Chihuahua Style 8, Chihuahua Style 9, Chihuahua Style 10, Chinese Crested Style 1, Chinese Crested Style 2, Chinese Crested Style 3, Chinese Crested Style 4, Chinese Crested Style 5, Chinese Shar Pe, Chow Style 1, Chow Style 2, Chow Style 3, Coton De Tulear, Dalmation Style 1, Dalmation Style 2, Dalmation Style 3, Dalmation Style 4, Dalmation Style 5, Dalmation Style 6, Dalmation Style 7, Dalmation Style 8, English Toy Spaniel, English Toy Terrier, Eurasier, Finnish Spitz Style 1, Finnish Spitz Style 2, French Bulldog Style 1, French Bulldog Style 2, French Bulldog Style 3, German Shepherd Style 1, German Shepherd Style 2, German Shepherd Style 3, German Shepherd Style 4, German Shepherd Style 5, .German Shepherd Style 6, Golden Retriever Style 1, Golden retriever Style 2, Golden Retriever Style 3, German Spitz, Greyhound Style 1, Greyhound Style 2, Havanese, Irish Wolfhound Style 1, Irish Wolfhound Style 2, Italian Greyhound Style 1, Italian Greyhound Style 2, Japanese Chin Style 1, Japanese Chin Style 2, Japanese Spitz, kai, Keeshond Style 1, Keeshond Style 2, Keeshond style 3, King Charles Spaniel, Leonberger, Labrador retriever Style 1, Labrador retriever Style 2, Labrador retriever Style 3, Labrador retriever Style 4, Labradoodle Style 1, Labradoodle Style 2, Labradoodle Style 3, Labradoodle Style 4, Labradoodle Style 5, Labradoodle Style 6, Labradoodle Style 7, Lhasa Apso Style 1, Lhasa Apso Style 2, Lhasa Apso Style 3, Lowchen Style 1, Lowchen Style 2, Malamute Style 1, Malamute Style 2, Malamute Style 3, Maltese Style 1, Maltese Style 2, Miniature Pinscher Style 1, Miniature Pinscher Style 2, Miniature Pinscher Style 3, Miniature Pinscher Style 4, Miniature Pinscher Style 5, Miniature Pinscher Style 6, Minature Poodle, Miniature Schnauzer Style 1, Miniature Schnauzer Style 2, Norweigan Elkhound Style 1, Norweigan Elkhound Style 2, Papillon Style 1, Papillon Style 2, Papillon Style 3, Pekingese Style 1, Pekingese Style 2, Peruvian Inca Orchid, Pomeranian Style 1, Pomeranian Style 2, Pomeranian Style 3, Pomeranian Style 4, Pomeranian Style 5, Pomeranian Style 6, Poodle Style 1, Poodle Style 2, Poodle Style 3, Poodle Style 4, Poodle Style 5, Poodle Style 6, Poodle Style 7, Poodle Style 8, Poodle Style 9, Poodle Style 10, Poodle Style 11, Pug Style 1, Pug Style 2, Pug Style 3, Pug Style 4, Schipperke Style 1, Schipperke Style 2, Schnauzer, Shar Pei Style 1, Shar Pei Style 2, Shar Pei Style 3, Shih Tuz Style 1, Shih Tuz Style 2, Shih Tuz Style 3, Silky terrier, Spitz, Tibetan Spaniel style 1, Tibetan Spaniel Style 2, Tibetan Spaniel Style 3, Tibetan Terrier Style 1, Tibetan Terrier Style 2, Toy Fox Terrier, Wire Fox Terrier, Xolo (Mexican Hairless) Style 1, Xolo (Mexican Hairless) Style 2, Xolo (Mexican Hairless) Style 3, Xolo (Mexican Hairless) Style 4, Xolo (Mexican Hairless) Style 5, Xolo (Mexican Hairless) Style 6, Yorkshire terrier Style 1, Yorkshire terrier Style 2


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