Dog Mirror – Various Colours – SMALL


  • 250mm x 315mm x 3mm
  • Beautiful Dog Mirror For indoor or outdoor use
    Great colours to choose from
  • Unique and beautiful, appreciated by all dog lovers
  • Don’t see the breed you want? Get in touch and we will try our best to get your breed
  • Ears and Tails styles can be changed – message us if you want this

Pet Mirror Magnet Colours . Purple Dog Mirror Dog Mirror extra Small

The images shown are for colour illustration only, as these are the hanging Christmas decorations.  The purple Mirror on the wall is an actual Mirror

  • Made In The UK
  • Outstanding clarity
  • High gloss surface
  • Different sizes to choose from


  1. Choose the mirror colour finish you want
  2. Choose the breed you want (The image sillouette will appear to illustrate the breed style you have chosen) 
  3. Check ONE of the Colour & personalisation boxes below – If this is left blanks, we cannot process your order


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Dog Acrylic Mirror (Small)

Different colours to choose from

250mm x 315mm x 3mm


These fabulous Mirrors laser cut in to the shape of your dog makes a fun, inexpensive addition to the home or garden. As they are weather proof, they can be placed outdoors!

The silhouettes are true representations of the finished products

Any of the dog designs with lines has these engraved on the mirror

Beautiful 3mm thick Mirror Finish acrylic , laser cut in the shape of your chosen dog breed.

Makes a fun, inexpensive addition to any pet lovers home.

Shatterproof material which is lighter and 10 times stronger than glass.

All the edges are laser polished.

Each acrylic mirror comes with a protective film that needs to be removed before use.

Pet Mirror Features:

* Outstanding Clarity

* High gloss surface

* Exceptionally hard wearing

* Weather resistant

* Shatter resistant

* Lightweight


If required,  simply wash with clean cold water to which a little detergent has been added.
The use of any solvents such as methylated spirits, turpentine, white spirit or proprietary window cleaning products is neither necessary nor recommended.

Additional information


Silver Mirror, Rose Gold, Gold, Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Pink


Affenpinscher Style 1, Affenpinscher Style 2, Affenpinscher Style 3, American Bulldog, American Eskimo, Bearded Collie, Bichon Frise Style 1, Bichon Frise Style 2, Boston Terrier Style 1, Boston Terrier Style 2, Boston Terrier Style 3, Brussels Griffon Style 1, Brussels Griffon Style 2, Bull Dog Style 1, Bull Dog Style 2, Bull Dog Style 3, Bull Dog Style 4, Bull Terrier Style 1, Cavalier Style 1, Cavalier King Charles, Cavalier King Spaniel, Chihuahua Style 1, Chihuahua Style 2, Chihuahua Style 3, Chihuahua Style 4, Chihuahua Style 5, Chihuahua Style 6, Chihuahua Style 7, Chihuahua Style 8, Chihuahua Style 9, Chihuahua Style 10, Chinese Crested Style 1, Chinese Crested Style 2, Chinese Crested Style 3, Chinese Crested Style 4, Chinese Crested Style 5, Chinese Shar Pe, Chow Style 1, Chow Style 2, Chow Style 3, Coton De Tulear, Dalmation Style 1, Dalmation Style 2, Dalmation Style 3, Dalmation Style 4, Dalmation Style 5, Dalmation Style 6, Dalmation Style 7, Dalmation Style 8, English Toy Spaniel, English Toy Terrier, Eurasier, Finnish Spitz Style 1, Finnish Spitz Style 2, French Bulldog Style 1, French Bulldog Style 2, French Bulldog Style 3, German Spitz, Greyhound Style 1, Greyhound Style 2, Havanese, Irish Wolfhound Style 1, Irish Wolfhound Style 2, Italian Greyhound Style 1, Italian Greyhound Style 2, Japanese Chin Style 1, Japanese Chin Style 2, Japanese Spitz, kai, Keeshond Style 1, Keeshond Style 2, Keeshond style 3, King Charles Spaniel, Labradoodle Style 1, Labradoodle Style 2, Labradoodle Style 3, Labradoodle Style 4, Labradoodle Style 5, Labradoodle Style 6, Labradoodle Style 7, Leonberger, Leonberger 2, Lhasa Apso Style 1, Lhasa Apso Style 2, Lhasa Apso Style 3, Lowchen Style 1, Lowchen Style 2, Malamute Style 1, Malamute Style 2, Malamute Style 3, Maltese Style 1, Maltese Style 2, Miniature Pinscher Style 1, Miniature Pinscher Style 2, Miniature Pinscher Style 3, Miniature Pinscher Style 4, Miniature Pinscher Style 5, Miniature Pinscher Style 6, Minature Poodle, Miniature Schnauzer Style 1, Miniature Schnauzer Style 2, Norweigan Elkhound Style 1, Norweigan Elkhound Style 2, Papillon Style 1, Papillon Style 2, Papillon Style 3, Pekingese Style 1, Pekingese Style 2, Peruvian Inca Orchid, Pomeranian Style 1, Pomeranian Style 2, Pomeranian Style 3, Pomeranian Style 4, Pomeranian Style 5, Pomeranian Style 6, Poodle Style 1, Poodle Style 2, Poodle Style 3, Poodle Style 4, Poodle Style 5, Poodle Style 6, Poodle Style 7, Poodle Style 8, Poodle Style 9, Poodle Style 10, Poodle Style 11, Pug Style 1, Pug Style 2, Pug Style 3, Pug Style 4, Schipperke Style 1, Schipperke Style 2, Schnauzer, Shar Pei Style 1, Shar Pei Style 2, Shar Pei Style 3, Shih Tuz Style 1, Shih Tuz Style 2, Shih Tuz Style 3, Silky terrier, Spitz, Tibetan Spaniel style 1, Tibetan Spaniel Style 2, Tibetan Spaniel Style 3, Tibetan Terrier Style 1, Tibetan Terrier Style 2, Toy Fox Terrier, Wire Fox Terrier, Xolo (Mexican Hairless) Style 1, Xolo (Mexican Hairless) Style 2, Xolo (Mexican Hairless) Style 3, Xolo (Mexican Hairless) Style 4, Xolo (Mexican Hairless) Style 5, Xolo (Mexican Hairless) Style 6, Yorkshire terrier Style 1, Yorkshire terrier Style 2


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