Frontline Pet Care – Daily Spritz Pet Refresher


  • Hydrates & Protects your pets skin
  • Controls Odour
  • Calms and Relaxes your pet
  • Gives a natural shine to your pets coat
  • 200ml



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FRONTLINE PET CARE products feature a new formula to make sure that being healthy feels good. Enriched with Rhamnose to cleanse, calm and protect from bacteria and Luminescine, which has an antioxidant action that provides added shine and UV protection, these skin and coat care products are a simple and effective way to look after your cat or dog – and keep them looking good.

An affordable way to keep your pets Skin and Fur in excellent condition from Frontline – a brand that you know and trust

Daily Spritz Spray Refresher

FRONTLINE PET CARE Daily Spritz is a daily conditioning spray for dogs and cats. Macadamia oil and wheat extract create a double hydration film, refreshing and protecting the skin. Rhamnose controls odours and Luminescine gives antioxidant protection while reviving the coats natural shine.


  • Easy Daily Conditioning
  • Calming and Relaxing for your pet
  • Hydrates, refreshes & Protects your pets skin
  • Controls odour
  • Gives your pets coat a natural shine
  • Frontline – a brand you know and trust


Additional information

How to use Frontline Daily Spritz

By calmly stroking your pet, put him at ease in a sitting position.

In an area of your pet's coat, part the hair and spray the product several times directly on the skin. Massage into the skin and coat.

Help your pet to lie on his side or back and repeat the application on his belly.

Your pet now has a refreshed, glossy coat.