Frontline Pet Care – Leave in Foam Pet Shampoo


  • Great, Easy to use alternative to wet shampooing
  • Controls antibacterial odour
  • Gives a great shine to your pets coat
  • Mousse formula
  • 150ml

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FRONTLINE PET CARE products feature a new formula to make sure that being healthy feels good. Enriched with Rhamnose to cleanse, calm and protect from bacteria and Luminescine, which has an antioxidant action that provides added shine and UV protection, these skin and coat care products are a simple and effective way to look after your cat or dog – and keep them looking good.

An affordable way to keep your pets Skin and Fur in excellent condition from Frontline – a brand that you know and trust

Leave In Foam – alternative to Wet Shampooing

FRONTLINE PET CARE Leave-In Foam is a leave-in cleanser and conditioner for cats and dogs as an alternative to wet shampooing. It contains Inca inchi oil, rich in omega fatty acids, Rhamnose for antibacterial odour control and Luminescine for antioxidant protection and a natural shine.


  • Not got time to give your pet a full wash/shampoo? No Problem
  • Cleanses and Conditions your pets coat
  • Rich in Omega Fatty Acids
  • Provides Antibacterial Odour Control
  • Gives a great shine to your pets coat
  • NO rinsing required – simply apply and leave!



Additional information

How to use Frontline Leave In Foam on your pet

Put your pet at ease.

Dispense some mousse into your hand and rub over your pet's skin and coat. Start with the back and then the sides.

Groom your pet gently, teasing out any tangles and removing loose fur.

No need to rinse. Your pet is clean!