Frontline Pet Care – Pet Eye Cleaner


  • Mimics your pets real tears
  • No sting formula
  • Gently cleans your pets eye and surrounding area

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FRONTLINE PET CARE products feature a new formula to make sure that being healthy feels good. Enriched with Rhamnose to cleanse, calm and protect from bacteria and Luminescine, which has an antioxidant action that provides added shine and UV protection, these skin and coat care products are a simple and effective way to look after your cat or dog – and keep them looking good.

An affordable way to keep your pets Skin and Fur in excellent condition from Frontline – a brand that you know and trust

Gentle Eye Cleaner for your Pet

FRONTLINE PET CARE Eye Cleaner is a neutral cleansing solution for the eyes and surrounding areas in dogs and cats. Its crystal clear composition mimics natural tears for gentle removal of debris and stains.


  • Very Gentle Formula – Mimics Natural tears
  • No Sting
  • Cleanses your pets eyes and surrounding areas
  • Frontline – a brand you know and trust

Additional information

How to use Frontline Eye Cleaner for your Pets

Seat yourself comfortably and put your pet at ease with gentle stroking. Apply the cleaning solution to cotton wool pads, one for each eye.

Hold your pet's head steady. Start with one eye and apply the cotton ball gently to soften dirt or debris. Carefully work from the inside of the eye outwards

Repeat with other eye.

The eyes are now clean.