Profleece Green Back Pet Bedding – Heather


  • Traditional Green Back Fleece – HEATHER Colour
  • Great Quality
  • Extremely comfortable for your pet
  • Can be washed and tumble dried
  • Long Lasting
  • 25mm Pile height



Green Back Fleece Pet Bedding

Heather Colour


Profleece Green Back  is ideal for:
  • Pets recuperating after medical intervention
  • Whelping and Kittening where Hygiene, Comfort and Security is Vital
  • The maximum comfort of Pets who are incontinent, disabled and/or arthritic joints.
  • The comfort and warmth of Puppies and Kittens
  • When a pet has to sleep on a hard surface
  • The comfort and warmth for the older pet


Profleece Green Back Properties:
  • Allows liquids to pass through
  • Non-allergenic, non-toxic and non irritant
  • Does not  will not support bacterial growth
  • Resistant to permanent staining
  • Can be machine washed (up to 90℃) and (Cool) tumble dried
  • I has a premium quality 1200g m2
  • Pile height of 25mm


Please Note: Colour shown is for illustration only.  Exact and Sizecolour may vary slightly

As this is a hygienic product, we do not accept returns.  So, please be very careful when selecting your colour and size, as each is individually cut to order


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