WildWash Candle in a Tin Fragrance No.1

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  • Made entirely in the UK by one of the leading candle houses
  • Non toxic, 100% natural wax
  • All ingredients used are derived from sustainable and renewable sources and are GM free
  • Organic and certified vegan
  • No petroleum chemicals, No Paraffin and No Palm waxes
  • lead free, natural fibre wicks

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WildWash have designed a range of beautifully fragranced pet odour eliminating Candles for your home.


WildWash pet odour eliminating Candles are made by one of the leading candle houses in the UK. They are non toxic and made from 100% natural wax with all ingredients used derived from sustainable and renewable sources. They are GM free, Organic and are certified vegan.  No paraffin, petroleum chemicals or palm waxes are used and the wicks are lead free and made of natural fibre.


Our perfumer has created the most complex and beautiful scents using only 100% pure essential oils. The result is this range of four unique Candles.


Candle Fragrance No.1 with Ylang Ylang and Magnolia, has a luscious, sweet, lemony scent that is both fresh and floral, revitalizing and captivating.


These candles are 190g and will give 40 hours burning time.


Please trim the wick slightly before each burn.
Ensure that the wax has melted to create a pool that touches all side of the tin each time you light it before you blow it out.
Make sure the candle is sat on a flat surface (the tin will get hot underneath, so place onto a mat or candle plate and not directly onto furniture that may burn).
Keep out of drafts.  These steps will stop the candle from tunnelling and give you the best possible burn time.

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1 x Wildwash Pet Odour Eliminating Candle


4 x Wildwash Pet Odour Eliminating Candles