Wildwash Mixer Bottle for PRO Shampoos


  • 1L mixing bottle for all Wildwash Pro Pet Shampoo
  • easy to see measuring guide
  • ensures correct dilution rate
  • 10 x 1L bottles of ready to use shampoo from 1 x 300ml Shampoo Concentrate

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Mixing bottle for all Wildwash Pro Pet Shampoo


This 1L plastic mixing bottle from Wildwash makes diluting your Pro Super strength Shampoo a doddle.

You put your shampoo to the bottom line (30mls), and then top the bottle up to the top line with water!

Shale the bottle, and then you have 1 Litre of pre-mixed shampoo at the correct dilution ready to wash you’re dog.

The dilution rates to the Pro Shampoo is 32:1

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